WHAT IS Skies of Manawak is a project developed by StudioBliquo, in collaboration with ODFLab and University of Trento – Departments of Computer Science and Cognitive Sciences. Skies of Manawak is a videogame designed to stimulate in a fun way the basis cognitive skills (e.g. attention, perception and memory) that are the basis of more complex skills, such as learning, reasoning and awareness.   RESULTS The game is still under evaluation, but is based on important scientific research that has highlighted how cognitive stimulation increases learning in children. Early results show that the game is highly appreciated and the cognitive training is effective.

PUBLICATIONS Skies of Manawak was born as a project within the University of Trento and some articles have been published:

  • Zeno Menestrina. 2017. The G3P Framework: Guiding the Design Process of Game for Purpose. Diss. University of Trento
  • Zeno Menestrina, Antonella De Angeli, Angela Pasqualotto, Paola Venuti, Adriano Siesser. 2017. The Design of Games for Purpose: the Participatory Elemental Pentad. In International Journal of Human-Computer Studies. Elsevier, [under review]
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  • Angela Pasqualotto, Zeno Menestrina, Antonella De Angeli, Paola Venuti. 2016. Skies of Manawak: a videogame for neurocognitive training. At 5th All European Dyslexia Conference (EDA ’16)
  • Andrea Conci, Cristina Core, Fabio Morreale. 2015. Weighting Play and Learning in Interaction. Workshop at Italian SIGCHI Chapter (CHI Italy ’15)





Skies of Manawak is currently only available for computers, but a smartphone and tablet version is currently under development. If you want to try Skies of Manawak on your computer, a demo version is available at the following links; just download the file and launch the application.

Skies of Manawak DEMO – WINDOWS

Skies of Manawak DEMO – OSX